The future of NFT games

NFTs offers an exciting new way of generating revenue for the video game industry. As more game developers, both independent and large corporations, add NFT and blockchain interactions to their games, the gaming experience will continue to grow in and outside the game universe.

Non-fungible tokens also pose interesting intellectual property challenges. While a user can obtain an NFT in-game, after acquiring it, the user would be the rightful owner of that item, and both the user and the original developers could gain money when this item is transacted in a free market.

Blockchain principles, in general, most certainly will continue to affect the video game industry. More likely than not, the world will see a new era of gaming and entertainment.

In summary

Blockchain technology was created specifically for the Bitcoin use case, that is, to support the creation of a new type of currency in the form of cryptographic tokens. However, after 15 years of evolution, the abstract concept of blockchain as a distributed append-only ledger gave birth to many new applications. NFTs are among the newest ones.

Tokens can be fungible (indistinguishable, 1 BTC equals another) or non-fungible (unique). Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, given their uniqueness, became helpful in modeling different use cases in the digital world, and this includes representing the certificate of authenticity of in-game digital assets.

NFT games give the user the possibility, by chance or by skill, to acquire Non-fungible Tokens. Familiar game mechanics to get NFTs include continuously playing a game to earn tokens and finding in-game items.

As with any asset with an economic value, the prices of NFTs are determined by market forces. And as usually happens when directly or indirectly there is money involved, there are also common pitfalls that could cause users to lose their money. Users should adhere to best practices when handling and transacting their NFTs.

Most probably, NFTs and blockchain, in general, will continue to disrupt the gaming industry. Although most possibilities still lie in the future, there are strong indicators that the best in the NFT gaming world is yet to come. 

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